Identity Theft Stats

6 %

of Americans affected in 2015

$ 4800

Average cost of stolen identity


Number of hours to regain pre-theft status

Student Protection

Higher Education Students are 5% more likely to be victims of Identity theft according to the FTC.

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Higher Education

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Notable universities with breaches

Higher Education

Living on campus in dorms with roomates


Ordering clothes, books, movies, or any other items over the internet


Throwing away credit card offers without shredding them


Being careless with student loan pin numbers and documentation


Using cell phones to talk about things that might be useful for an identity thief to hear


Protecting Students

College students make prime targets for identity thieves.  It's a fact that most students are not aware of just how exposed they can be.  Maybe seen as only a minor risk in the here and now, today, when they don't have much to lose...but identity theft can reach from the past into the future.

An exciting and challenging time, when heads are spinning with all the responsibilities that come with college life and growing up. Compounding this with a constant whirlwind of day-to-day use of credit or ID cards and now you have a prime target for identity theft.  Affecting a students current and future credit rating, criminal record, borrowing potential, as well as job opportunities.

5 Most  common reasons college students are susceptible to identity theft:

Protecting The Institution

Universities have a difficult time of getting a handle on how to best protect themselves from the risk of data breach, while at the same time protecting their students and staff from the same risks...its an overwhelming task.  So, we designed a go to market strategy that not addresses all of these issues, but also provides your university with a proactive student protection plan which is a public relations win. With our implementation of Identity Theft monitoring programs we provide peace of mind to your students, staff, and peace of mind to you as an institution with your enhanced ability to serve and secure their information, as well as enhance your institutional data security posture.  

University of New Mexico
University of Vermont
North Carolina State University
University of Connecticut
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