Identity Theft Stats

6 %

of Americans affected in 2015

$ 4800

Average cost of stolen identity


Number of hours to regain pre-theft status

Employee Benefits

Mortgage Lenders

Car Dealers

Higher Education

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Notable Lenders with breaches

Mortgage Lenders

Differentiate yourself from other lenders


*Create an automatic recurring marketing/retention program with monthly updates

Create additional revenue for lender


Enhance company security data security


Protect your customers ability to re-pay and adhere to breach laws proactively, a public relations and CFPB win.


Protecting The Lender

Most lenders can’t get their heads around the ways in which to satisfy customers apprehension of data collection, the human error in handling that information, or the additional risk it poses to the institution that further exposes them to a data breach.

So we designed a go to market strategy that will help your institution address all of these issues with implementation of Identity Theft monitoring.

Providing peace of mind to your borrowers, and peace of mind to you as an institution with your enhanced ability to serve and secure their data and your institutional data security posture.

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5 reasons

**Automatic Marketing program.  Implimentation of ID theft monitoring will allow you to brand/co-brand this additional service to your company.  The program will be in contact with your customer on a monthly basis with update emails branded to you.  Many lenders sell servicing and often do little to retain customers when there is a shift in the market.  We will keep you in front of your customers, while you protect them, making you top-of-mind for all of their lending needs.

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