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Identity Theft Is Growing

· Over 1 billion records contained Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information was stolen in 2015

· 6% national incidence rate

· Self-restoration takes, on average, 156 hours, and lasts over 6 months costing an average $4,800.00

· Data Breach victims are 9.5x more likely to be an Identity theft victim

· Social Networking users are more susceptible

· Has severe, negative implications for online account usage, corporate branding and customer trust

· Number one consumer complaint to the FTC

· Using PII, Identity Thieves stole $5 billion from the IRS in 2015

Proactive, industry leading Identity Monitoring with High Risk Transaction alerts

Internet surveillance monitoring the underground internet, creating a real-time Digital Identity report

Credit Monitoring (1 and 3 bureau)

$1M identity theft insurance policy

Identity theft prevention measures that reduce unwanted solicitations

Full-Service identity restoration


Wallet protection to quickly replace contents of a lost or stolen wallet as well as password storage and card monitoring

Comprehensive Identity Protection Services

Customer Protection Solutions deliver proactive identity and credit monitoring as well as security intelligence and training. Protecting your customers with innovative and relevant benefits, we further ensure a solid financial future. Our solutions defend customers, their families, and the you as a lender from ever evolving cyber threats that cause data breaches and financial losses.

With the changing digital landscape, an overall data protection solution is a critical component to risk mitigation. We provide the solution for customers and employees because we care about your their reputation and assets, while strengthening your dealerships overall security posture. It is truly important that we protect your customers employment and financial futures, and identity protection Identity will help secure that opportunity.

Social network and digital monitoring

Identity educational tips, tools, and resources to prevent identity theft

The Value

The Coverage

The Threat

Institution and  Lender Sponsored Customer and Employee ID Monitoring benefit.

Identity theft monitoring that meets the financial institution's needs by providing modular turnkey benefits and multiple options for group benefits. You'll be providing your customers and employees best-in-class privacy protection, and unmatched service.

· Comprehensive coverage

· High value/ low cost

· World class customer service

· Proactive prevention and detection

· Ongoing communication and marketing

· Provides peace of mind

· Coverage of pre-existing conditions

· Proactive prevention and detection

· Mitigate enterprise liability pre or post data breach and satisfying many state breach requirements

· Enhance organizational, customer and employee privacy

· Increase employee productivity

· Provide high value at a low cost

· Increase customer and employee loyalty and retention

· Differentiation vs. Other Institutions

Mitigate Reputational Risk

Benefit to the Institution

ID Monitoring Features & Benefits

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Why ID Theft Protection?

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The Threat

The Coverage




The Value

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The Threat

The Coverage

The Value




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Why ID Theft Protection?

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Protecting The Institution and its customers

Most lenders can’t get their heads around the ways in which to satisfy customers apprehension of data collection, the human error in handling that information, or the additional risk it poses to the institution that further exposes them to a data breach. So we designed a go to market strategy that will help your institution address all of these issues with implementation of Identity Theft monitoring.Providing peace of mind to your borrowers, and peace of mind to you as an institution with your enhanced ability to serve and secure their data and your institutional data security posture.

** Highlight...Automatic Marketing program.  Implementation of ID theft monitoring will allow you to brand/co-brand this additional service to your company. The program will be in contact with your customer on a monthly basis with update emails branded to you.  Many lenders sell servicing and often do little to retain customers when there is a shift in the market.  We will keep you in front of your customers, while you protect them, making you top-of-mind for all of their lending needs.

‍‍‍New, profitable revenue stream to th‍‍‍e institution‍‍‍‍‍‍


Aquire new customers


Increase loyalty and retention


‍‍‍Provide customers‍‍‍‍‍‍ wi‍‍‍th a meaningful new benefit


‍‍‍Differentiate yourself from other institutions


Mitigate enterprise liability


Branded program with monthly updates to customers via text and email


Why Identity Theft Protection?

Notable Institutions with breaches

‍‍‍Wells Fargo
Primar‍‍‍y Residential
Broadview Mortgage

TD Bank
Freddie Mac
First Home Mortgage
Ameris Bank

Birchwood Credit Services, Inc. is a leading source of credit reporting and compliance solutions designed for the lending industry. We offer quick and easy access to the information mortgage lenders need to make accurate credit decisions. For the past 25 years we have been leading the way in making sure our clients have reliable information nec‍‍‍essary for fully informed decision making.‍‍‍

· Protects ability to Re-pay

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ID Monitoring Benefit Features

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ID Monitoring Benefits Overview

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